Old Spice | Rocket Car | #smellegendary

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    People say there’s no limit to how many videos you can watch with your eyeballs. But thanks to this new Odor Blocker Internet video, we think we just found it. Five million and eleven. Yes, that seems to be the point at which they melt and leave you to type comments like Old Spaaaadagoooollahhgaaaaaaaaabaaaaanflqwe­flqw;len;lqwenflkqwnefwqelnkoldspicefwen­fklwneflnwqelkfnwefn! !!!!!!

  • BRAND/ Old Spice
  • AGENCY/ Wieden & Kennedy
  • COUNTRY/ United States
  • CATEGORY/ Beauty / Cosmetics
  • TAGS/ old spice, smell legendary