Drug driving campaign - Tinnyvision (Snapchat)

Campaign details


    Stoned drivers are a problem in New Zealand. But they don’t want to hear it’s dangerous. Many reckon they actually drive safer and slower when they’re stoned. Thing is, speed’s not the issue. Reaction time is. The problem was compounded by the fact that these guys are notoriously hard to reach. They’re experts at tuning out ads they don’t find believable and messages they don’t want to hear. We needed a new, authentic and targeted way to tell our story. Introducing TinnyVision—a group of guys sharing their stoner sessions on Snapchat. Why? Because they can get away with it. On Snapchat you watch it once and it’s gone. No incriminating evidence. We seeded rumour of TinnyVision’s funny stoner snaps on sites where kiwi stoners hang out and swap stories. Nobody suspected a thing.

  • BRAND/ NZ Transport Agency
  • AGENCY/ Cannes Festival '15
  • COUNTRY/ New Zealand
  • CATEGORY/ Nonprofits / Activism
  • TAGS/ drive, snapchat, stoned