Don't die for me: A love book written by men who abused women

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    In the last six years 680 women have been murdered in Peru by their partners. To raise awareness about this delicate issue, Circus GREY and Vida Mujer, a peruvian NGO dedicated to women’s rights, have just released a book titled “No te mueras por mi” (Don´t die for me). The white side of the book features 25 apology letters, emails and text messages written by abusive men to their girlfriends and wives after episodes of domestic violence. Their apologies sound genuine and for a split second we believe them too. The black part of the book, however reveals the dark events that followed after these apologies were sent. Finally, the book gives you a parting message and a hot line to call for help. “If you are being abused don´t become another page in this book” Bronze Lion Cannes 2015. Branded Content.

  • BRAND/ NGO Vida Mujer
  • AGENCY/ Cannes Festival '15
  • COUNTRY/ Peru
  • CATEGORY/ Nonprofits / Activism
  • TAGS/ book, ngo vida mujer, violencia doméstica